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Zerodha Kite is one of the premium trading platforms developed by Zerodha, one of India’s largest stockbrokers. It allows its clients to trade at NSE, BSE, and MCX through the front end in-house applications built by Zerodha engineers.

Kite is minimalistic in nature that comes with both mobile and web versions. Based on HTML5 technology, it consumes less Internet bandwidth for extensive charting and full market watch.

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Zerodha Kite Dashboard

Kite’s Dashboard is very elegant and provides all the basic information that a trader needs to start the day. It shows all the essential details like margin money utilized, total investment, and total fund available as well as all the order details.

Zerodha Kite Dashboard

If you want to check the detailed portfolio of your stock holding including profit and loss status, you can do it through the View Portfolio option on the dashboard.

Zerodha Kite Platforms

Kite platform also offers free trading platforms to its customers for easy trading including:

Kite Web

A web-based trading application featuring keyboard shortcuts, streaming quotes, advanced charts, elegant UI, and more.

Kite Mobile App

Kite Mobile is a simple and powerful mobile trading app that is available for iOS and Android operating system based devices.

Kite Connect API 

Simple HTTP APIs for developers who want to build their own front-end platform.

Zerodha Kite Login

Zerodha Kite Features

Zerodha Kite offers multiple features to traders registered on the platform, including:

  • Market Watch
  • Streaming Quotes
  • Floating Order Window
  • Dashboard Summary
  • Browser Notifications
  • Multiple Chart Views
  • Exit Multiple Orders
  • Multilingual Support
  • Directly Place Order from Chart
  • Market Depth View with streaming updates
  • Multiple Order Types

Zerodha Kite Charts

Charting is very important and extensively useful in trading. Zerodha Kite offers advanced charting with 100 indicators, 19 drawing tools, and 6 chart types along with the facility to draw many charts at one time. Key features of Zerodha Kite Charts include:

Stock Charts
Trade from Chart

The most liked feature in Zerodha Kite is that it allows direct trading from the chart. The feature is missing in most of the trading platforms provided by other brokers.

Multi-chart View

View up to 4 charts in a single window. Also, you can draw as many charts as needed

Data Sets

Generally, the default indicator is applied at the closing price. But in Kite, it is applied to open, low, high, or any other indicator already added.

Chart Varieties

Large varieties of chart type including bar, mountain, car, lene, etc

  • Compare multiple scripts
  • Chart default can be defined over a varied range from 1 min to up to 1 month
Charts in Kite

Kite Trading Trading Orders

MIS (Margin Intraday Square-off)

MIS orders are used in F&O and equity segments for intraday trading. Under MIS, Zerodha offers additional leverage to trade.

CNC (Cash And Carry)

 CNC order is an equity-based trade for delivery, for which, traders need to put in 100% of the money to buy a share. However, if you want to sell stocks, you can find your portfolio in your Demat account.

NRML (Normal F&O Trades)

Without additional leverage, NRML orders are used for intraday F&O trades. Positions that are taken by the NRML can be held until expiry with required margins maintained by the client.

BO (Back Order)

 Back Orders are intraday limit orders with a stop loss and a target.

CO (Cover Order)

CO, a predetermined stop-loss order, is an intraday market order that provides high leverage to traders because of a fixed stop loss.

AMO (After Market Order)

These are advanced orders, placed for the next trading day. The time slot to place the order is from 4:00 pm to 9:14 am.

Zerodha Kite Order Types


It allows traders to place orders at the current market price. For example, if a trader places orders for a share trading at Rs. 1260, the order will be executed at the price of Rs. 1260 only.


With this, traders can buy/sell any share at a predefined price. For example, Infosys is trading at Rs. 1260 but the customer wants to buy shares at Rs. 1250. He can place a limit order, which will execute only if the share price drops to Rs. 1250.

 SL (Stop Loss or Trigger Order)

SL orders are used to limit the investor’s loss and automate the buying/selling of stocks for a particularly defined limit.

With usual order types, one can also place these advanced orders with Zerodha:

  • Regular order with time validity
  • Cover Orders
  • Bracket Orders
  • Cover order with the limit entry
  • Bracket orders with trigger entry

Zerodha Kite Funds Transfer

Kite fund allows traders to easily add/withdraw money from their trading accounts.

  • For instant fund transfer, it links up to 20 banks using a payment gateway
  • Funds can be transferred to trading account through modes like NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS but the funds are not available instantly
  • Each transaction is charged a fee of Rs. 9 + GST
  • Withdrawal requests are handled in queue
  • Withdrawal is processed only once in a day

Advantages of Zerodha Kite

Some of the positive factors of Zerodha Kite are as follows:

  • It is ultra-light in terms of resource use.
  • Users from all areas including smaller towns can access it because of its ability to work at slow Internet
  • It is free. Zerodha doesn’t charge any subscription fee from traders for using Kite
  • It comes with in-built integration with other modules like ZConnect, Varsity, etc.
  • It is offered in multiple Indian languages allowing even non-English speakers to trade easily
  • Chrome extension is also available alongside web- and mobile-versions
  • Integration with multiple banks allows easy and quick fund transfer

Disadvantages of Zerodha Kite

Here are a few areas where Zerodha Kite lags behind platforms provided by other brokers:

  • It does not provide traders to apply for IPOs online
  • Backtesting of your strategies is not possible
  • The back office comes as a separate web application

To conclude, Zerodha Kite is one of the advanced trading platforms offered by brokers. It allows traders access to various trading products and order types.

Though it lacks in terms of no support for online IPO application and a separate back-office application, its advantages like low resource usage, integration with other platforms and multiple banks, and others make it stand apart from other brokers.

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