Yobee Research Review: Truly AI strategies & simple execution

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There was a time when traders used to shout out orders. Traders would gather around the trading area and shout matches. However, with the advent of technology in the stock market, trading has become easier, convenient, and transparent. Nowadays, one can easily get the best stock ideas by researching online.

Moreover, the research has improved greatly. In the past, people have to look for information about the company in newspapers, libraries, by reading finance literature, and by contacting companies. Now, all the information is available on the internet for anyone to access. Yobee Research is one such company that provides amazing research to their clients.

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However, with so much information available on the internet, retail investors looking to make money from intraday trading may get confused or may miss some important information and invest in the wrong times.

AI and machine learning algorithms have significantly improved in the past few years. Every second, an enormous amount of data is generated in financial markets. It becomes important to analyze information in real-time to make the right investment decision.

Yobee research helps traders by giving them trading signals for the day. In just a few clicks a trader can also execute orders against all the signals at once.

About Yobee Research

Yobee Research Private Limited was incorporated on 14 May 2019. The company is registered as a Non-government company. They have recently collaborated with the broker Alice Blue to provide their high-quality quant-based strategies to Alice Blue’s clients and are also in line to collaborate with 5Paisa soon.

The company designs and develops deep learning algorithms that uncover high-quality signals in the financial market. Currently they offer three strategies in the cash market and have plans to launch new strategies in Futures and Options market.

How does Yobee Research work?

Yobee research uses Artificial intelligence to provide high-quality intraday signals to brokers. However, this type of service should only be availed by sophisticated investors who have a deep knowledge of the market and intraday trading as it involves complex calculations and higher risks.

Here is how it works.

Trading Strategy

It generates intraday signals in the equity segment every trading day at 8:30am. When you choose to trade in the strategy, you just enter the amount you want to trade. Your amount will split equally amongst all the signals generated on the given trading day. Hence, for optimal performance, traders should place their orders before 9:30 am and should trade every day.

Every signal has three different orders. The first order is executed at the current market price of the signals. The second is the target order that is executed at a pre-defined percentage from the price of execution of the first order. The third is the stop-loss order, which is also a pre-defined percentage of execution price.  When you are placing your order, you can choose different values for target and stop-loss when placing your orders.

Research Methodology

Data Science: Information from the stock market is collected, cleaned, and analyzed to remove noise and extract meaningful information. The information is then split into the sets of training, validation, and test.

Artificial Intelligence: The training set of data is sent to several neural networks to learn the process. When training is complete, each neural network is evaluated on strict guidelines. The data is then tested and evaluated based internal checks and the best returns are used. Neural networks with the highest performance are combined for a boosted neural network. The performance of the boosted network is checked on the test set through paper trading.

Signals: Boosted neural network generates a probability score for each signal. The signals with the highest probability score are considered for delivery.

Yobee Research provides highly researched intraday calls in the below strategies

1Ten Commandments
2Hand of King
3Heptagon Champion

Traders can execute trades in a single click when signals are generated, providing an opportunity to beat the timing.

1.     Ten Commandments

The strategy provides 10 intraday signals every day in the equity segment. The intraday signals in this strategy come from the top 100 stocks by turnover from all the listed companies on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Ten Commandments
2.     Hand of King

This strategy provides five intraday signals in the equity segment every trading day. It involves higher risk as compared to the Ten Commandments.

Hand of King
3.     Heptagon Champion

With moderate risk, the strategy provides 7 intraday signals in the equity segment every trading day. 


Here are some of the features of Yobee Research:

  • Single Click Execution feature allows the user to easily enter the trade into the system and execute with a single click of a button.
  • Monitor and track the status of your trade.
  • Get Live PnL of your portfolio.
  • State of the art user interface ensures great user experience.
  • Low latency helps in placing trades quickly.
  • Exit positions with a single click.
  • Higher chance of success with high quality of trading signals.

How to Start Using Yobee Research’s Strategies?

Open an Account with Alice Blue

Follow these steps to open and account with the broker:

  • Go to this link and and click on the Login with Alice Blue button
Account Opening with Alice Blue
How to Login to Yobee Research?
  • Post opening your account you will be receiving your CLIENT ID and Password.
  • Go to https://aliceblue.yobee.co.in/ and click on the Login with Alice Blue button.
  • Enter your login credentials to proceed and answer questions for 2-Factor Authentication to login.
  • Once you have logged in proceed to explore the dashboard.
Yobee Research Login
How to Trade Yobee Research’s Strategies?

As discussed in the earlier sections, Yobee Research currently provides 3 strategies for their clients to invest in and all of them vary in their returns, capital requirements and risk respectively. 

Check the strategies
  • After you have logged in click on the strategies tab.
  • Once there you can check all the details pertaining to the strategy like its returns, sharpe ratio, and the minimum and maximum amount allowed to be invested.
Yobee Research Strategies
Subscribe to a strategy
  • After deciding on which strategy to choose , now you can subscribe to it.
  • To subscribe to a strategy click on the strategy of your choice and then click on the Subscribe to Strategy Button to start trading with that strategy.
Subscribe to a Strategy
Trade your Strategy 
  • Once you have successfully subscribed to a strategy now you can place orders by going to your Dashboard.
  • 10 signals generated every day.
  • Enter the amount you wish to trade with your target and stop loss and then click on confirm the amount.
  • This step will validate whether you have enough cash with the broker to place the order.
  • Now click on place order which will sequence and queue your orders even when the markets are closed and subsequently order is confirmed and executed.
Place Order
Confirm & Execute Order
Order Tracking
  • You can use Live market feeds to track profit/loss every day.
  • Exit active positions to exit all active signals and cancel pending orders.
  • Real-time order status can be used to understand what is happening with strategy.
Order Tracking
View Past Orders
  • Use the Calendar heatmap to view the daily trading volume of the trader in the Performance tab by selecting a date and clicking on the view button.
  • Click on any of the dates in the calendar heatmap to quickly see the orders placed on the specific day with details such as action, status of the orders and the P&L of those orders.
View Past Orders


The platform is currently only available for Alice Blue customers. Yobee Research automatically starts a 14 day trail whenever traders login for the first time. Post that strategies are as low as Rs. 601 per month.


Trading and investing in the stock market requires a lot of researching, analyzing, and evaluating. With the rise of technology, trading in the financial markets has become more transparent, convenient, efficient, and accessible. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in market research, traders can find more precise predictions.

Yobee Research is a new platform that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to generate high-quality signals.

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