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Upstox Pro Mobile Review

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If you want to make investing easy, irrespective of whether you are a professional or a first time trader, you will need an automated tool. Upstox is a discount broker that offers reliable, fast, and easy to use trading platform for stock market traders.

Upstox Pro Mobile App is one of the smoothest and fastest mobile trading applications available in the segment. With daily recommendations, it allows you to trade with minimal risk. For every stock, it offers a real-time view so traders can create multiple watch lists. Besides, advanced technique and prominent quality of the app go a step ahead in ensuring a quality trading experience. The app allows Upstox users to trade in BSE, NSE, and MCX segments.

With an ideal interface and log-in facility, all you need is a login Id and password to start trading on your mobile device. The app also offers easy navigation to all portfolios and a single search bar for various stocks, commodities, mutual funds, news, and equities. Here’s an insight into the app and its features for you.

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Specifications of Upstox Pro Mobile App
  • The app is quite light on your device with a size of 8.1MB
  • The current android version is 3.9.2
  • Current iOS version is 1.0.41
  • The size of the app for iOS is 68.5MB
  • The minimum android version required is 4.1
  • It has crossed the 100,000 download mark
Loginless Start-up

If you are new to trading or don’t know whether to opt for Upstox or not, this mobile app is just the right place to discover. The app helps you try out things to discover something new without making an actual investment. In short, without opening an account, the app lets you access a demo version of the services as a guest user.

Upstox pro Login

Features of Upstox Pro Mobile App

Well-characterized, easy to use, and prominent, the app comes loaded with many advanced features. Here are a few ones known to deliver an impressive experience.

Advanced Charting Tool

Charting tools help forecast and compare stocks through interactive visualization and analysis. The app gives access to some advanced charting and fully-interactive drawing tools including line, bar, and candlestick charts. Besides, the app also offers a rare feature that allows you to buy/sell shares directly from the charts.

Upstox pro Charts
Search Tool

One of the most suitable features, this tool lets you search for complex and single stocks with just a click. For example, if you are interested in the Reliance group, you can use the search box to look for its stocks and get every single detail. The latest news, real-time performance, and information about upcoming opportunities are a few details.


Analyze a stock in real-time over different time frames by creating multiple watchlists. Besides, you can also customize your watchlists with desired scrips through excel and spreadsheets.

Upstox Pro Watchlist
Market Feed

The app also has real-time market feeds integrated to guide users about percentage change, net change, and stock’s share volume during regular hours. In addition, current market stats and latest market news allow you to stay on the top of your scrips and find new trading opportunities.

Upstox Pro Market Feed
Fund Maintenance

Another important feature of the app, it helps maintain current MTM, current margin funds, and more. You can add funds without any hassle by simply using the Add button.


You can set as many notifications and alerts as you wish in the Upstox Pro Mobile App. In addition to alerts, you can also add innumerable scrips in each of the customized watchlists.

Upstox pro Notifications
Order types

The Upstrox pro mobile app allows you to place multiple types of orders such as:

  • Market order
  • Stop-loss order
  • AMO
  • Limit order
  • CO
Mutual funds

In addition to stock market trading involving derivatives, commodity, equity, and currency derivatives, users can also opt from over 2000 mutual funds to invest in. The platform elaborates on each of the mutual funds with a lock-in period, approximate return percentage, and individual risk level. While choosing a suitable fund, traders can rely on suggestions and inputs provided through the app.

How to Open Account with Upstox Pro?

You can open an account online while sitting conveniently at your place and all you need is your Aadhar card and mobile number linked together.

  • Visit the online account opening page on the official site.
  • Fill the form with your basic details and then click on the Sign-Up button.
  • Upload scanned copies of documents on the next page. You will need your Aadhar card, PAN card, latest bank statement, and canceled cheque).
  • Now, enter the details of your Aadhar card when asked for and submit the OTP that will be sent to your mobile number linked to the card.
  • Upon successful verification, your account should be created.

If you don’t feel comfortable with opening an account online, you can opt for the traditional/offline mode.

  • Visit the broker’s office and get the account opening form.
  • Fill the form with required details.
  • Attach copies of ID and address proof along with the application form.
  • You will be asked to sign an agreement that details your as well as your broker’s responsibilities that you can keep for future reference.
  • After successful verification and processing, you will be assigned an account number or BOID (Beneficial Owner Identification Number). In the case of Upstox, this will be referred to as UCC (Unique Client Code).

Along with this, you will also get login details and key to access online portals among other confidential data.

How to Place an Order with Upstox Pro Mobile App?

  • Users can place all the regular types of order through the app.
  • To start with, add the desired scrip in your watch list
  • Go to the stock details page from the market watch list by clicking on the scrip screen
  • Here, you will find sell and buy buttons on the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the desired button to get to the order entry screen.
  • On this screen, you need to input desired values for quantity, order type, and complexity, and the target price to buy/sell the scrip.
  • You will find a review screen when selecting the details where you can review the order before place it.
  • The app also allows you to track your order after placing it. You can do this in the order history track section of the app.
Advantages of Upstox Pro Mobile App
  • The app allows traders to create unlimited watch lists
  • Users receive recommendations based on the current market status
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time market stats for easier and informed decision-making
  • All the standard features available across multiple platforms and devices
  • No hidden charges, making it completely free of cost
  • Very reliable stock market app
  • Set alerts and receive personalized news about the companies/stocks you are interested in.
  • The app delivers a good experience for first-time investors
  • For opening a Demat account, Upstox charges a relatively low fee as compared to other stock brokers.
  • It assists you to make wise trading decisions through suggestions based on technical analysis.
  • The app ensures a safe trading environment for all its users
  • To resolve your issues, customer care representatives are available
  • The app usability can be improved as is recommended by many of its users
  • The app offers no personal interaction with brokers
  • Margin calculator is missing in the app
  • While trading, novice traders are likely to experience troubles due to the lack of any technical knowledge
  • Sometimes, charting can take an awfully long time to load
  • The price and SMS alerts sounds are unavailable
  • Quick customer service is unavailable at some crucial point

Final verdict

To conclude, the Upstox Pro Mobile Trading App is stable, user-friendly, and fast to deploy. It enables traders to set personal limits as per their convenience and offers advanced tools that help in managing shares and keep up-to-date with current market news. You can monitor your risk management level, share price, current market news, set selling/buying limit, make a profitable investment decision, read real-time quotes.

Further, to access the app, you don’t have to pay a single penny. Though there are some drawbacks as well including the major one being the delays in payment. However, there should be no transaction delay in the app due to the instantaneous transaction feature.

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