Tradejini Review 2020 : A Discount Broker with Quality Service

Tradejini Review 2020

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Established by aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced traders in 2012, Tradejini is a discount broker offering Depository Participants and trading services through a single platform. Starting from scratch, the discount broking firm established by Dinesh Kumar M and Kishore Kumar J has crossed a turnover of 1000 crores per day covering over 1000 cities across India and abroad.

With a motive to make the trading easier and affordable for all, Tradejini launched a range of technologies, trading tools, and outstanding customer services.

Tradejini Review 2020 discusses the trading services they offer as a registered member of stock exchanges including NSE, BSE, and MCX. It also offers complete Demat services through CDSL. The services for trading covers equity intraday, equity delivery, Stock future and options, currency, commodity, derivatives, debt instruments, and mutual funds with flat rate brokerage.

The discount broker charges 0.01% or ₹20 per executed order, regardless of the value of the transaction. With Tradejini, you only have to pay ₹20 for every order of any size and in any segment.

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Trading Platforms for Tradejini Users

Tradejini offers a host of licensed trading platforms through NSE for its users to meet different requirements and preferences. However, the broker doesn’t offer any in-house trading application.

NEST (Next-generation Electronic Securities Trading)

A comprehensive trading solution, especially for heavy traders, NEST is an installable software that traders can install on their laptops or desktop computers. This platform offers a quick trading speed on top of features like:

  • 2-level authentication
  • A highly secure and encrypted trading environment
  • Real-time access to trends and quotes of the market
  • Allows placing, modifying, and canceling orders
  • Allows access to orders, trades, and positions on a single platform
NEST Trading App

A web-based platform, developed and maintained by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), is offered by Tradejini under a subscription license. Traders don’t need to download or install and can access this platform from any web browser to use the services offered by this broker.

Offering a flexible and hassle-free experience, the platform allows direct access to NSE servers. Some features of this platform include:

  • Quick execution due to lack of any 3rd-party intermediator
  • Ability to modify notifications and alerts as per individual preferences and trading patterns
  • Notifications can be received through email or SMS
  • Access to advanced technical charts supporting better judgments before investment or trade.
NSE Now Trading App
NSE Mobile Trading App

For on-the-go traders, NSE offers a mobile trading app from the developer Detox International. Though this app is offered by NSE, the stockbroking company provides the details of credentials. The app is loaded with salient features like:

  • A comprehensive view of monitoring data and market trends
  • Real-time views of the market watch, charts, and quotes
  • Detailed view of information about movers on both gaining & losing sides of the market
NSE Mobile Trading App

However, the app comes with certain concerns including low frequency of update cycles, sub-quality level of user experience, and lack of new technical incorporations.

Click on this link to gain access to the NSE Mobile Trading App.

Tradejini Pricing Plans

Tradejini offers a simple and budget-friendly pricing structure, starting from account opening to trading charges as detailed below.

Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time)₹300
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges0
Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time)0
Demat Annual Maintenance Charges(Yearly Fee)₹300
Commodity Account opening Charges₹300
Brokerage Charges

Tradejini is known to charge a nominal maximum fee of INR 20 per executed trade for trading across various segments. A bifurcation of charges for individual segments is listed below:

  • For equity delivery, traders are charged 0.10% of the turnover with a cap of INR 20 per executed trade
  • For equity intraday & futures, a charge of 0.01% of turnover is levied with a cap of INR 20
  • For equity options, a fixed brokerage of INR 20 is levied per executed order
  • For currency futures, 0.01% of turnover (a maximum of INR 20) is charged as brokerage per executed order
  • For currency options, a flat fee of INR 20 per executed order is levied   
  • Tradejini charges a brokerage of 0.01% with a maximum value of INR 20 per executed order on commodity trading.

Here are the detailed brokerage charges for various segments on offer from Tradejini:

SegmentBrokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed)Nil
Equity Delivery₹20 per executed order or 0.10% whichever is lower
Equity Intraday₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Equity Futures₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Equity Options₹20 per executed order
Currency Futures₹20 per executed order or .01% whichever is lower
Currency Options₹20 per executed order
Commodity Futures₹20 per executed order
Call and Trade₹20 per executed order
Transaction Charges

Apart from brokerage and account opening and maintenance fees, customers also have to pay for transaction charges, here are the details of the same charged by Tradejini:

SegmentTransaction Fee
Equity DeliveryNSE 0.00325% | BSE 0.00275%
Equity IntradayNSE 0.00325% | BSE 0.00275%
Equity Futures0.0020%
Equity Options0.0053%
Currency Futures0.00125%
Currency Options0.04350%
Tradejini Margin

In order to be a successful trader one needs to be able to have access to great margin facilities across segments, this is one area where Tradejini can improve upon as they don’t provide margin services that are competitive with their peers. Here is a look at Tradejini’s margin facilities:

DeliveryUp to 2X
IntradayUp to 6X
Equity FuturesUp to 1X
Equity OptionsUp to 5X
Currency FuturesUp to 4X
Currency OptionsUp to 1X
CommoditiesUp to 2X
Tools & Technology Offered by Tradejini

Besides licensed trading platforms, the discount broker offers a range of technology tools for traders to simplify calculations and make trading a hassle-free experience.

  • Brokerage Calculator: Though brokerage charges as levied by Tradejini are quite affordable and almost fixed, this tool helps calculate and evaluate the total fee chargeable across multiple segments.
  • Brokerage Saving Calculator: Helpful in the long run, this tool helps traders calculate applicable brokerage charges and save on multiple trades.
  • Span Calculator: Using this tool makes calculating the margins for Futures & Options trading in NSE.
  • Exposure Calculator: On investing in a stock, a trader can calculate how much exposure (in terms of number/percentage) one can get by using this tool.
  • Options Calculator: This tool helps precisely calculate accurate option prices.
  • Referral Calculator: In addition to Demat and trading services, Tradejini also offers a refer & earn program. If you have referred other traders to this broker, you can use this tool to evaluate your earning based on your referral.   
Tradejini’s Customer Support Options

The discount broker has a number of communication channels to offer support to its customers, including:

  • Email Support: Traders can contact the broker via [email protected]
  • Phone Support: For queries related to account, services, features, and others, traders can call on 080-40204020. For Call & Trade-related queries, Tradejini offers support through 080-26086600 and 080-40204020.
  • Website (Contact Form): Alternatively, users can also drop in their queries through a contact form available on the site including a short message along with.

Though these offer a good range of choices for customers to avail assistance from the broker, adding a live chat feature could have allowed for better, instant customer service.

Consumer Complaint Report

This report is an indicator of how the discount broking firm is working towards resolving the complaints registered against them at NSE.

From this report, we can see that Tradejini doesn’t have a large client base and hence the no.of complaints registered against them are very few which is good from a customer service standpoint.

ExchangeFinancial YearNumber of ClientsTotal Complaints

To access the complete list of complaints registered against brokers with NSE, just click on this link


Established in 2012, Tradejini is one of the rare discount brokers that offer trading and DP services under a single platform. Further, the stockbroker has gained popularity for offering quality customer service and competitive brokerage plans. However, the stockbroker lacks in terms of offering an in-house trading platform and relies on licensed tools provided by NSE. Adding advanced tools and live chat support might help Tradejini to attain a better, competitive position in the trading world.

Tradejini Review 2020

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