ShareKhan TradeTiger review: Trade like a Tiger

TradeTiger review

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Sharekhan Trade Tiger is one of the top terminal trading software and the most popular platforms among traders. It allows trading across multiple exchanges such as NSE, MCX, NCDEX, and BSE from a single screen. With an auto driver alert feature, the system creates a real-time experience for swing and intraday traders.

IT team at Sharekhan designs and develops Trade Tiger, which is an in-house build trading platform. This TradeTiger review tells us about the trading platforms different versions, including both basic and advanced, to meet all the trading requirements of investors. Sharekhan provides training programs for traders to learn the use of Trade Tiger Software.

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Key Features of Sharekhan Trade Tiger

It is an extensive trading platform with features suitable for a range of traders, ranging from beginners to experts. Some of its top features are listed below:

TradeTiger Terminal

Users can personalize the platform as per their requirements with various customization options available such as 4 theme layout, 5 different languages, and screen by shortcuts.

Progressive order tools

To place a buy or sell order for stocks, trade tiger supports multiple order types including bracket order, market order, stop-loss order, limit order, GTC order, etc. Users can also set their conditions by mentioning the limit price, target price, product type, and shares quantity.

Advanced charting

It provides advanced charting features to make the fundamental analysis easy. There are different chart options available like a Bar chart, Heikin Ashi chart, Line chart, Renko chart, and Candlestick chart. With the chart options, users can examine the performance of a stock. Traders can choose from many options for better understanding such as time frame, add study, zoom in or out, link multiple charts, select or delete tools.

TradeTiger- Advanced Charting
Heatmap tool

The visualization tool is used to see the performance in a live market. In a live trading session, colors are used to visualize the negative and positive change in a stock.

TradeTiger- Heatmap Tool
Fast feeds

When market information is irregular, it can create confusion among users. So at the stock exchange, the fast and reliable quote information is provided to the users to allow them to stay updated with the latest data always.


Trade tiger offers different calculators to make calculations easier for traders. Registered users get access to brokerage calculator, premium calculator, options calculator, and span calculator, etc.

API integration

API integration is available for external platforms like Amibroker. It creates one to one interaction between the external software and trade tiger so that the features can be accessed easily and orders can be executed immediately.

Order Types Supported by Sharekhan Trade Tiger

With Trade Tiger, users can choose and place any of the below-given order types:

Limit Orders

A trader can specify a particular limit at which he wants his order to get executed. When the stock price touches the limit price, it gets bought/sold depending on what the order is.

Market Orders

Market Orders are executed at the current price when the trader places a buy/sell order.

Stop-Loss Orders

SL orders protect the investor from a huge loss, allowing to exit at a position specified.

Bracket Orders

BO limits the loss and locks the profit within low and high price points.

Good Till Cancelled Order

To buy or sell stocks at a specific price, traders can use GTC to extend their orders over a specific period of time.

Good For Day

Good for day order is valid only for a day. When conditions match, the order is executed on that day. In the case of non-match, the order is canceled.

Cancel Order

If the market price doesn’t match the ordered price, the system will automatically cancel the order within a fraction of second.

How to Place Orders in ShareKhan Trade Tiger?

After logging into Sharekhan Trade Tiger, you can open the popup for a new order through multiple ways through the MarketWatch tab including:

  • Press F1 for Buy or F2 for Sell
  • Right-click on the desired scrip and choose the option to Buy/Sell scrip
  • Click on the desired option from the Market Watch sub menu

On the popup, select desired values for:

  • Order type – Buy/Sell
  • Exchange – NSE, BSE, MCX, or NSDEX
  • Scrip – Code for the desired stock that you wish to buy or sell
  • Quantity – Number of stocks that you want to buy/sell
  • Dis. Qty – The number of stocks that you want to disclose (particularly used for limit orders)
  • Price – Limit price to buy/sell the stock if placing a limit order. Enter 0 if you want to place a Market Order
  • Trigger Price – Price at which you wish the stop-loss order to be triggered if placing a stop-loss order.

After selecting all the values, click on the Place Button and a dialog box will appear for confirmation. Click on the Confirm button if everything looks right.

Order Filtering in Trade Tiger

Charges or Fee of Using Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Sharekhan Trade Tiger does not charge anything for its usage. However, for account management, you need to pay an annual maintenance fee for research, trading platforms, customer service, etc. The fee depends upon the agreement between RM and the client.

Advantages of Sharekhan Trade Tiger

  • It adds new features and updates to the software regularly. This brings high usability products so that users can explore more.
  • It has high performance and speed. Trade tiger is used by the users who look to trade at the intraday level.
  • You can place orders in bulk with a provision to add entry price, stop loss, and target price.
  • Heatmaps and other diverse types of indicators and charts are available for technical analysis.
  • It provides real-time access to tips, news, trading calls that work for traders who are starting at a fresh level. The research recommendation and reports are provided at technical as well as fundamental levels.
  • For understanding each and every feature of Sharekhan trade tiger, video tutorials are provided to the users
  • It has 30+ trading strategies that are pre-loaded
  • With the trading platform, third-party analysis and direct integration software are allowed. Let’s understand this with an example. In the Sharekhan trade tiger, you can integrate your trading strategies and write them in software like Amibroker.
  • You can also export the live market data into an excel sheet. And, using the integrated excel sheet, you can directly place the orders as well.
  • If you face any problem while using the trade tiger, the dedicated support team will help you to resolve the technical issues.
  • Sharekhan Trade Tiger is a full-service broker

Disadvantages of Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Some of the disadvantages of this trading platform from Sharekhan are listed below:

  • Sharekhan Trade Tiger does not support Mac or iOS
  • Sharekhan trading software is relatively heavy. So, a decent machine configuration is required for smooth operations.
  • Sometimes there is a need to be very careful while using the tool. While accessing charting functionalities, an issue has been noticed once an upgrade is done.


The application is an upgraded version for an experienced trader. But if you are a beginner, initially you have to spend some time understanding the working of the application. It offers a wide range of features like customization, advanced charting, fast trade execution, and bulk orders. But it doesn’t support the Mac version and the Windows version is heavy enough to run smoothly on a low configuration system.

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