Indiabulls Review: Good Quality Trading Platforms [2019]

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Indiabulls Ventures (formerly known as Indiabulls Securities) is one of India’s leading capital markets companies providing securities broking and advisory services to its wide array of clients.

Incorporated in 1995, as Indiabulls Securities Ltd. under the Companies Act as a private limited company. The name of the company was then changed to Orbis Securities Pvt. Ltd. on December 15, 1995. Then, the company was publicly listed and with the name Orbis Securities Limited.

As of February 16, 2004, the company’s name was again changed to Indiabulls Securities Limited.

In addition to broking and advisory services, Indiabulls also provides depository services, research services, and IPO distribution services and offers commodities trading through a different company.

Their in-house trading platform is one of the fastest and efficient platforms in the country.

The full-service broker allows customers to trade in Equity, Commodity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds and IPO services.

Here is a detailed Indiabulls review of their products and services:

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Trading Platforms

Indiabulls Ventures provides its customers with an easily downloadable software-based trading platform and a mobile-based trading application. They are also one of the few stockbrokers which provide access to their trading software which is not included in the brokerage charges.

Here is a detailed review of their trading platforms:

Power Indiabulls

Power Indiabulls is a software-based advanced trading platform which provides a good internet trading experience to its users and a seamless and rich online trading features to its customers.

This application is built mainly for high volume traders who like to put in a large number of hours to trade especially in the Intraday segment. This application also allows its users to invest in equity, F&O and Online IPOs and users can base their decisions on the sound fundamental and technical analysis provided by their analysts.

Power Indiabulls

PIB also comes with a whole host of features to assist its trading users which have been discussed in detail below:

  • Real-time streaming of stock prices, live trading reports, advanced charting tools and news
  • Create multiple watch lists of your favorite instruments across segments
  • Get alerts about the latest movement in your favorite instruments like the last traded price, percentage change and volume traded
  • Get access to strong research and recommendation from PIB’s in-house research team
  • Live news and Insights from around the globe which can impact your holdings
  • Easy access to the day’s highest gainers and losers and the stocks with the most volatile movements across the day
Shubh Mobile

Shubh Mobile is the mobile trading app from Indiabulls which gives its users access to trade in the Cash segment, Futures & Options (derivatives), Currency Futures and Options market from their mobile phones. Here are some of the features of the app:

  • Users get access to real-time market watch which can be easily customizable as per user preference
  • Any piece of news can script a new story for your stocks and investments. The Shubh app gives you real-time updates and information to keep you aware of all the information that needs your attention.
  • Get access to strong research and recommendation from Indiabulls in-house research team
  • Super-fast trade execution through the mobile app
  • Access to multiple reports across various market segments like equities, commodities and currencies.
  • Customers can also use advanced charting features available on the mobile app
  • Ease of funds transfer, accounts summary and Margin reports allowed

Here is how the app looks:

IndiaBulls Mobile App

In the current day and age, almost everyone has access to a smartphone and hence it is imperative to have a good mobile app for trading purposes.

However, the Shubh mobile app has few issues that need to be sorted out like the apparent lack of detail on the charting tools being provided them with more technical indicators and drawing tools can be added in its next update.

Shubh Web

A web-based trading platform which does not require the users to download any software on their system. This application lets you access market data with live streaming stock prices, charts, etc.

Customers can now trade through Indiabulls without the hassle of using the trading platform, you just need to log in from your browser and you are good to go.

However, this app does not work well with smartphones and tablets as it is not responsive in nature which is one of its biggest shortcomings.

Here is how the app looks like:

Shubh Web

The performance of this web-based application is not at par with its competitors who have come up with much better alternatives through their trading platforms, hence they need to improve this application as they risk losing their tech-savvy customer base.

That being said, they do provide some features such as fast online payments through gateways, good quality of research, multiple reports on market statistics and volatility and their IPO analysis.

IndiaBulls Research

Indiabulls Ventures is known for its high quality of research which can majorly be credited to its strong in-house research team which performs technical and fundamental analysis on various stocks.

Their research is shared mainly via SMS and emails as well as through their trading platforms.

The stockbroker is also known for its high quality of research for long and short -term investors and is trusted in the trading community.


Here is a detailed list of charges levied by Indiabulls Ventures on its customers

Account Opening Charges

Here are account opening and maintenance charges followed by the full service stock broker:

Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time) 0
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges ₹750
Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time) ₹450
Demat Annual Maintenance Charges(Yearly Fee) 0
IndiaBulls Brokerage

Here is the detailed brokerage structure followed by Indiabulls Ventures:

Segment Brokerage Fee
Equity Delivery 0.30%
Equity Intraday 0.03%
Equity Futures 0.03%
Equity Options ₹100 per Lot
Currency Futures 0.03%
Currency Options ₹100 per Lot
Commodity 0.03%
IndiaBulls Transaction Charges

Indiabulls charges its customers with additional transaction charges apart from the brokerage which includes the various taxes and transaction charges imposed by the government and SEBI. These charges are in addition to the brokerage already being paid by the customer.

Segment Transaction/Turnover Charges
Equity Delivery 0.00325%
Equity Intraday 0.00325%
Equity Futures 0.00250%
Equity Options 0.0550%
Currency Futures 0.00250%
Currency Options 0.0550%
Commodity 0.003%
Indiabulls Margin

Leverage is a short-term loan being offered by a stockbroker to the customer at a pre-defined interest rate. Customers should be careful when using these margin services as it can easily eat up their capital. Here are the margin values offered across various segments:

Segment Margin
Equity Delivery Upto 10 times Intraday, upto 3 times delivery
Equity Futures Upto 3 times Intraday
Equity Options NA for Intraday
Currency Futures NA for Intraday
Currency Options NA for Intraday
Commodity Upto 3 times Intraday

Indiabulls Complaints

Complaints are a way to gauge customer satisfaction among the client base. As per the below table, the number of complaints against Indiabulls Ventures Ltd. has been low over the years meaning a reasonably better customer service as compared to other full-service brokers. Here are the number of complaints registered against Indiabulls over the years:

Exchange Financial Year Active Clients Total Complaints
NSE 2018-19 45429 55
NSE 2017-18 49495 74
NSE 2016-17 39485 57
NSE 2015-16 38553 60
NSE 2014-15 47348 62
NSE 2013-14 46314 85
NSE 2012-13 607108 162

To access the complete list of complaints registered against brokers with NSE, just click on this link

Indiabulls Review

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