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IIFL is a well known full-service broker in India. IIFL’s full form is India Infoline Finance Limited. They are known to provide Equity, Currency and Commodity trading services to over 4 million customers in India. In this article we will provide a brief history on the IIFL group of companies and then discuss on IIFL Login for new customers looking to trade using their platforms.

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Brief History of IIFL

Founded by Nirmal Jain in the year 1995 as Probity Research and Services Private Limited which provided research on the Indian economy, businesses and corporates. The name was later changed to India Infoline Limited.

After a few years they began to gain a client base of banks and corporates and started to receive recognition for their research products. Post the dotcom boom they launched the company IIFL Finance Ltd. which has subsidiaries in Non-Banking and Housing Finance, Wealth, Asset Management, Broking, Investment Banking etc.

IIFL Securities is the broking arm of IIFL Finance which specializes in providing execution, advisory and research products in Equity, F&O, Currency, Commodity and Mutual funds in India. The company has continually innovated and reinvented themselves with a digital footprint which is one of the reasons behind their large customer base of more than a million.

IIFL Group Organization

The IIFL Finance Limited Group is consisted of 3 entities -IIFL Finance Limited, IIFL Wealth Management and IIFL Securities.

IIFL Group Organization
IIFL Finance Limited

This entity has two companies under it namely IIFL Home Finance Limited and Samasta Microfinance Limited. Both these companies work towards providing loans and mortgages to different types people across the country.

IIFL Wealth Management

IIFL Wealth Management has two subsidiaries namely IIFL Asset management and several other international subsidiaries under them which look provide customized investment services which involve designing innovative products to meet their clients needs.

IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities has 3 subsidiaries which include IIFL Capital, IIFL Insurance Brokers and IIFL Facilities Services which provide research products , sales , trading and insurance services to their customers.

IIFL Login

In order to gain access to IIFL’s trading and back office portals, you need to open a demat account with them.

Once your demat account is open with them you will get a username and password from their end for your account which needs to be used to login into their website, app and back office portals. The back office portal login is essential as using it you can gain access to various reports about your portfolio including the Profit and Loss which is the most important one.

IIFL Markets Mobile App Login

IIFL Markets is the mobile app from India Infoline which is available for Android, ios and Windows users. This app is very highly rated on the Android App store with a rating of 4.

Let’s start with the process of Log in into IIFL Markets App.

  • The first requirement is a demat account, and is when you will receive a client id and password from the company.
  • Now, depending on your mobile’s OS, kindly go to app store and download their app.
  • At the end of the app download, open it and prefix the inputs, the client id and password.
  • This is the part where you generate a new personal 2FA password. Memorize it and store it cautiously.

Post this you can start trading with the app. Some of the features include market updates, price lists, creating multiple watchlists and ease of applying for an IPO.

IIFL Trader Terminal Login

The IIFL Trader terminal application is  available as a browser-based platform where you just need to login and start trading without having to go through the hassle of installing software. This terminal is made for those customers who don’t want to trade in high volumes.

Let’s start with the process of Log in into the IIFL Trader Terminal.

  • Supposing you already got a demat account, if not kindly get one
  • Store the id and password provided with it.
  • Follow the link https://ttweb.indiainfoline.com/trade/login.aspx
  • Enter the log in id and password details
  • Make a new password if you have not created one yet.

Some of its important features include heat maps, advanced charting tools, ease of using browser to trade, research reports and real-time tips.

IIFL Trader Terminal App Login

The IIFL Trader Terminal also comes as an executable trading software which needs to be installed on your desktop/laptop. his app is made especially for those who are active traders and like to trade in high volume.

Here is the process to Log in into IIFL Trader Terminal App.

Once you have logged in you can start trading. Some of the key features include super fast order execution, live streaming of quotes, access to PnL for current and past trades, order cancellation, square off trades, fund transfer facility etc.

IIFL Back office Login

The job of the backoffice is to basically the follow up on the action of the active trading activities performed by traders.

Make sure you are involved in the IIFL Backoffice Login, where you will find reports, statements and follow ups on performance. If you want to download the performance each transaction, you will be able to do so.

  • A demat account with IIFL is a must.
  • Use this link https://ttweb.indiainfoline.com/Trade/Login.aspx and to reach the log in page.
  • Login to the page using the same client id and passwords as the above.
  • The password and id are your key to using the backoffice services. If you followed the procedure as it is, we suppose you landed to the page of backoffice directly with all the services displayed right in front of you.

IIFL Awards and Accolades

Since their inception they have won a lot of awards, here are some of them to name a few:

  • Recognized by ET Now and Broadcast One as a ‘Disruptor’ in the BFSI sector for innovation through technological intervention in NBFC space.
  • ‘Best Performing Primary Lending Institution’ under CLSS for EWS/LIG – Second by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.
  • ‘Best Broker with Global presence’ award at the BSE-IPF D&B Equity Broking Awards in 2012 due to its presence in cities like Hong Kong, New York, Colombo, London, and Singapore through various subsidiaries.
  • IIFL’s research team has also been awarded many accolades over the years.   


Using the above information, now you can easily login to the trading, website and backoffice portals provided by IIFL and start trading instantly. All you need to do is open a demat account to start trading, hence we have made it easy for you by listing all the links and process of logging in into IIFL’s platforms. Also note, that all these portals use the same client id and password for login.

To help you understand the products and services on offer from IIFL you can refer to our review on them by clicking on this link.

It is important to consider the huge amount of experience the broker has and the large amount of awards and accolades received by them when choosing between them and other brokers. Hopefully after reading this article you are a step closer to choosing the right broker for yourself.

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