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As an Indian stock investor, you should know about the best stock research websites to perform analysis on the stocks. Investing in the market requires the right set of skills and knowledge. To improve the knowledge, you need regular updates, daily news, stock related announcements, and information. Several websites are available across the internet that provide us these types of information.

As an investor, it is important to have a list of top websites from where you can analyze the stock before you make a decision. Thus, to help investors like you, many websites provide required information about the stock market. You can refer to these websites to update your knowledge and skills related to the market and stocks you are interested in.

You don’t need to surf through hundreds and thousands of websites to collect the required data. Only a few of these websites can be enough to gain the required knowledge.

Here are the top nine best stock research websites in India that you can refer to gain knowledge about the stock market.

1.     Money Control

Money control is the most popular stock market research website for technical and fundamental analysis. It is owned by the CNBC group who is the leading business and financial information provider. You can discover all sorts of information such as trends, live stock prices, currencies, charts, market news, mutual funds, IPOs, commodities, personal finance, and more.

For the equity investors, you can also find the company’s fundamental data with technical indicators like candlesticks charts. It provides you a platform to monitor your investments and also to create a wish list.

Moreover, the discussion forum on the website offers unique features to the users. If you can’t find the latest news about a company’s drastic share movement, just go to the stock forum, and read and participate in the discussion. It also offers applications on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Due to its best navigation features and easy user interface, it is an amazing website for stock research. Money control is a highly recommended app for the person who wants to track or trade in the stock market.

Money Control

2.     NSE India

NSE India is the official website of the National Stock Exchange. NSE India website is useful for fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks. NSE is the fourth biggest stock exchange of Asia in the trading volume terms. So, the information on this website is considered authentic and reliable by investors across India. The site updates daily blogs and indulges in several other measures via which investors can update their market knowledge. Apart from the regular updates, you can discover other details such as block or bulk deals, etc. You will also find data and historical charts of a company for carrying out a detailed analysis of a stock.

As all the companies listed in the NSE are obligated to submit their financial reports to the NSE, you can find the financial data of all the listed companies on the website. To analyze the stock market, the NSE Mobile Trading app is simple as well as a beneficial platform. It is the complete market monitoring tool and trading mobile application for stock market analysis.

NSE India

3.     Screener

The screener is a useful website that lets you carry out fundamental analysis such as reading its ratios, financial statement, market capitalization, charts, quarterly and yearly results, balance sheet, cash flow statement, moving averages, profit, and loss statement, and more. A user can access most features on the website for free.

One of the best features of the website is its financial reports that are created in a way that useful information is easily visible. Usually, a financial statement of a company is quite complicated but the screener simplifies it to small useful chunks to help you understand easily.


4.     Economic Times Market

Economic times Market is another popular website for stock research and analysis. It keeps you updated with the latest market news. The Economic Times market gives you reliable and instant financial news. ET market also posts morning and evening briefs to help you keep up with the happenings of the market in case you missed the entire day’s news.

ET market provides stock analysis and information just like money control and offers features such as stock charts, mutual funds, commodities, wish-list, portfolio, expert views, and more.

Economic Times Markets

5. is the ideal website for technical and fundamental stock analysis. It is one of the best websites to discover comprehensive information about a public company. The website provides all the essential knowledge for analysis such as technicals, charts, forums, news, analysis, etc. A stock screener is one of the best features on this website. With this tool, you can screen the stocks and shortlist them on different criteria like PE ratio, market capitalization, CAGR, ROE, among others. Other notable tools available on the site are Pivot Point Calculator, Margin Calculator, Forex correlation, and Profit Calculator.

6.     Live Mint

Live Mint is one of the best stock research websites in India to study a wide range of posts about finance, politics, sports, stock market, economy, etc. It publishes all the latest information about business development and news keeping you updated on all the happenings in the country. Live Mint has partnered with Hindustan Times to provide valuable information on investing in the users.

This website keeps you updated all the time so you don’t miss any essential news that may affect your investment decisions.  

Live Mint

7.     BSE India

BSE India is the official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and is similar to NSE in terms of providing information. The website is rich in information and provides all the details required for carrying out the technical and fundamental analysis of a stock. It contains all the essential news of the stock market and updates in various segments. The companies’ historical data is very useful for various analysis. As a stock investor and trader, you can visit the site of BSE to get all the essential information about the company.

BSE India

8.     Best Broker India

BestBrokerIndia is one of the few websites which offer good quality trading across various segments for free to all its customers. One just needs to log into the website and they have access to the best tips from the India’s most premium brokers for free which is not being provided anywhere else.

Best Broker India

9.  Bloomberg Quint

Bloomberg Quint is a multi-platform, Indian financial, and business news company. It is one of the leading multi-platform companies in the world for finance and business. The website provides stock research along with updated news about the market. Bloomberg Quint provides financial tools like analytics and equity trading platform, data service, and news about financial companies and organizations through Bloomberg Terminal.

Bloomberg Quint

10. Markets Mojo

The website provides pre-analyzed information about all the stocks, news, financials, broker recommendations, price movement, technical analysis, all essential information about the stock market. It is one of the most popular stock research websites that helps investors analyze their portfolios and stocks as they want. The website also offers android and iOS apps for users to track the market on the go.

Markets Mojo

All these websites provide you with knowledge about the stock market. You can gather information to carry out a technical and fundamental analysis of a stock through these websites. All these platforms are also easily accessible on all types of mobile phones. So, you can track the stock market on the go by downloading the apps on your phone.

Apart from these, some other websites can also be helpful in gaining the market information and updates such as Rediff money wiz. You can explore all these websites and check what provides the best information in the way you like. 

Always keep in mind to fully understand the offerings provided by these service providers and opt in only if you feel they are trust worthy because at the end of the day it is your money at stake and nobody can guarantee profits even though they might say it a lot to convince you.

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