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Angel Broking Trade

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Angel Broking Trade (also known as Angel Eye) is a web-based browser trading application. The simple and easy to use platform don’t need you to download or install any software. While it provides a guest login feature, most of the brokers allow only registered users to access their respective trading tools. Many features come inbuilt in the application such as historical data about stocks and real-time market updates. An intuitive user interface also helps improve the overall user experience for trading.

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Angel Broking Trading Platform

This web-based application has been updated recently with multiple features added in every update. Some of its features are explained below:

Login Screen

Trade’s login screen provides various options along with the one to register as a guest so that anyone can browse some of the application’s basic features. Users have the option to set up their preferred home screen out of the trading, portfolio, and dashboard screens.

Angel Broking Login Screen
Market Watchlist

Users can set up a market watchlist. Stocks can be added to the list, for which you need to type in the scrip name and click on the add button. The feature can help you monitor the specific stocks and invest in the ones you are interested in.

Stock Summary

Users can get a summary of stocks on clicking the added scrip of trade application. The information like financial statements includes a PL statement and balance sheet along with share trends and shareholding pattern.

Mutual Funds
Angel Broking Mutual Funds

The application also allows you to invest in mutual funds, for which a ‘mutual funds’ option is added under the market tab. It gives you some recommendations with the highest rated funds at a particular time. By using the filter functionality, you can filter out the funds that you are looking to invest in.

Angel Broking ARQ

The full-service stockbroker provides you access to its ARQ platform as well. ARQ takes few inputs from your trading expectations and experience and suggests stocks as well as asset classes with target duration to invest in.


With Angel Broking Trade, users can also get access to the latest stock market-related news


The web-based application provides various types of charts, indicators, and overlays to help you perform an analysis. You can also view the stock trends for a day or for the last 10 years. For the charting flow, different types of overlays are available.

Angel Broking Charts
Technical Analysis

The web-based application provides 18 different types of technical indicators to traders so that they can perform a detailed technical analysis.


By using trending, Fibonacci, and crosshair types of lines, you can customize the drawn lines.

Chart Types

For simultaneous use, the number of chart types is limited to 3. But other web-based applications offer so many more options.


Also, users can customize charts by adding events like dividends, bonuses, etc on the top of the graph. This helps get a better viewpoint on other financial aspects of the stock.

Fundamental Reports

You can access the fundamental reports of specific stocks published by the Angel Broking to allow users to have a detailed look at a particular stock.

Commodity and Currency

The web-based application also provides detailed tips on commodity and currency classes with a recommendation type and a target price.

In short, the Angel Broking Trade offers a wide range of features for you to perform your trading in a seamless way. It provides a reasonable trading experience and suits to intermediate and beginner level traders.

Angel Broking Trade Charges

The web-based trading application doesn’t charge any separate amount for using the platform to transact in the market and is completely free to use. And, you will need to pay only the taxes and brokerage charges that you generally pay on your stock market investments. To get more information about the charges, you can check Angel Broking Brokerage Calculator.

However, just like any other product, Trade also has some advantages and concerns associated with it.

Angel Broking Trade Advantages

You can get several benefits from trading through the Angel Broking Trade.

  • Through Angel Broking Trade, trading across various segments such as a commodity, mutual funds, equity, and currency is allowed. The user can also invest in mutual funds through Angel Bee.
  • For detailed fundamental and technical analysis, various types of indicators, charts, and events are available.
  • Within the trading application, Research, Robo advisory, recommendations, and tips are available.
  • Customizations and personalization are available across different alerts, widgets, and notifications as per user preferences.
  • The trading application is responsive in nature as it is designed for web-based trading. But you can use it on other devices like a tablet or a mobile phone as well.

Angel Broking Trade Disadvantages

In addition to the various advantages listed above, the trading application comes with some disadvantages as well.

  • The overall design and user interface needs to be improved. Developers of this trading application can learn from some other mature web-based platforms available.
  • It offers a limited number of chart types and charting options are also less.
  • It is not compatible with all types of browser versions of Internet Explorer.

How to Place an Order with Angel Broking Trade

Follow these steps to use the Angel Eye or Trade platform.

  • Firstly, go to the website to access the platform
  • Then log in to your account. You can add all the preferred equities on the market watch that you want to track. You can sell or purchase the stocks directly from the screen because the prices are shown here are real-time.
  • Buying stocks is an easy process. All you need to do is to click on buy and fill information along with the price that you want to buy on. The order will be sent to the exchange as you submit the order.
  • For placing a sale order, you have to provide the details on what price you want to sell shares. The selling process is exactly the same as buying one.
  • Before purchasing the stock, you should go through charts and other technical analysis.
  • The portfolio and funds view provides information on funds and stocks that you are holding in your account.

In short, Angel Broking Trade is a web-only platform that comes equipped with various features for traders such as mutual funds, market watchlist, charts, and customization. Though it is simple to understand and easy to use, some concerns related to it include limited chart options and incompatibility with various versions of the internet explorer.

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